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Substance over Style

Here's a news story about a newly uncovered Homeric inscription that is going excite Classicists everywhere. It also illustrates the problems of the picture researcher when working on Classics publications. If a particular inscription is on the author's list, it's that inscription they must have and no other. Accept no substitutions. But what if, as may be the case at present, there are very few photographs - or even just one - and it looks like the first photograph here? Sometimes you just have to publish something as it is because it makes the academic point. Often the picture has to come from the archaeologist of the excavation or an academic visiting the site; it may be awful, but it's all there is.

Congratulations are due here, however, to the photographer of the second image. I look forward to being asked for this one. Not so much looking forward to the form-filling process with the Greek Ministry of Culture.

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